Friday, 29 June 2018

That Friday Feeling

Its the last Friday of the month and its going to be a hot one. Where better to be in the country than the Cotswolds with weather like this at the minute. 

June has been a very busy month - with lecturing commitments in Aberdeen and Bristol on 2 completely different topics - Complex Bone grafting and the use of Digital Innovations in Dentistry. There is a part of me that is glad it is slowing down now for the next couple of months and I can spend much needed time at home with family. 

We love trying to make our patients smile and we do our very best to make coming to the dentist a fun and friendly experience. 

Time for some much needed family time with the weekend approaching and a break from lecture writing. 

Remember to stay hydrated and use sun cream. 

Warm wishes 


Saturday, 16 November 2013

November Update !!

Dearest friends, family and colleagues,

what an amazing few months of craziness …..

In september i have ridden 600 miles in 6 days and raised over £1000 for CLAPA and Bridge2Aid

and now i start my winter training for my series of duathlons, half marathons, sprint and olymic tri's and culminating with a half iron man - the Vitruvian - and another 600 mile bike ride next september from milan to basel !! 

its a good job Dominy is soooooo understanding ….

best get back on my bike and in my running shoes 

please please please visit my just giving page and donate whatever you can

much love xx

Monday, 12 August 2013

Sorry its been a while

So it has been a while since my last confession - life has been somewhat busy and in amongst that i have been trying to run, swim and cycle as much as i can .....

The gods have been working against me and i sadly couldn't get out on my wheels this weekend - however i did for the first time in a very long time swim 750m - probably with the same grace and composure as the bloke who swam in the olympics for the caribbean - Eddie the Eel - and far less Thorpedo .......

So now its a question of preparing for a 91mile bike this sunday around the mendips and then its only 5 weeks to go before i do the cotswold tri followed by the marathon 600mile in 6 days - so a very busy time ahead ......

please please please give generously as you already have done so :)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

The hottest weekend of the year ...... please give generously to breast cancer care

So this time tomorrow morning our 10k will be long over and due to the hottest weekend in the last 4 years we shall be like shrivelled prunes gasping for more liquid that dehydrates us !!

Mrs Cutts has promised to hold my hand all the way round and anyone who dares to overtake us will get 

we are looking for a sub hour finish which would have been more than expected except that we have this blooming heatwave .....

anyhow just as long as we finish like this .......

we will be more than happy ! 

for those wonderful people who have sponsored me / us already thank you sooooo much - 2.2k in the bag already for breast cancer care - for those that haven't please dig deep 

please follow the link and donate as generously as you can :) 

much love Mr and Mrs C x

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The warm up to sunday

So this sunday is the British 10k - myself and Mrs C will be amongst the masses running this iconic route

Hopefully the warm weather will hold but there will be a nice breeze to cool us down

A massive thank you to all those that have sponsored me / us so far but i am still asking for more because i have a long way to go before hitting my target in 18 months - so please delve as deep as you can - just in case heres the link ....

I wont leave it so long until my next post for any of those interested ....

many thanks for your support :)

ross and do

Friday, 7 June 2013

The Night before the nightrider

So its friday night and having not long been back from my hols and having done very little in the way of training over the last 3 weeks - i am preparing for tomorrow night by having a nice glass of wine!!

The pink support is in full swing - while I remember that the pain of cycling through the night tomorrow is nothing compared to what some families have been put through from Breast Cancer !!

From the experience of the Blenheim ride I am looking forward to meeting different people and listening to their stories of motivation.

So the bikes all lubed and ready and i've just put my race number on:

Thank you to all those who have already parted with the hard earned reddies :) and please dig deep if you havent yet !! its really easy to pay by card

i shall let you know how it goes tomorrow night 

many thanks for your support and kind words 

ross x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Ok so one down 17 to go .......

thank you soo much to everyone who donated - we have already amassed £1023.72 - bang on target !!

the day started with an early bowl of porridge and cup of tea - some pills and no not the lance armstrong way .......

the build up was slow but surprisingly sunny albeit very fresh, with an amazing back drop of blenheim palace and after having a good chat to people around you - it made you remember why you were there

so as we got into the ride at about mile 20 the group of 6 female breast cancer care pro riders started to creep through - and as i followed them up and down the hills of oxfordshire - it became clear to me just how easy pro riders make hills seem - especially very steep ones !!

however they were a lot nicer to follow than the earlier hairy ar$$ed chap that farted mid climb whilst i was following him .....

any how it was great fun and i finished it thus
<iframe height='405' width='590' frameborder='0' allowtransparency='true' scrolling='no' src=''></iframe>

At the end a lovely cup of tea awaited and i can now chalk one off the board 

So it is now to get ready for the nightrider 100k on the 8th june - cycle through the night - i leave at 11.55pm from crystal palace - more details and updates to follow

so as i prepare for the next event please just arm yourselves with you credit / debit card and donate generously - all donations are extremely gratefully received and visit my just giving web page 

thanks a million 

ross x