Friday, 7 June 2013

The Night before the nightrider

So its friday night and having not long been back from my hols and having done very little in the way of training over the last 3 weeks - i am preparing for tomorrow night by having a nice glass of wine!!

The pink support is in full swing - while I remember that the pain of cycling through the night tomorrow is nothing compared to what some families have been put through from Breast Cancer !!

From the experience of the Blenheim ride I am looking forward to meeting different people and listening to their stories of motivation.

So the bikes all lubed and ready and i've just put my race number on:

Thank you to all those who have already parted with the hard earned reddies :) and please dig deep if you havent yet !! its really easy to pay by card

i shall let you know how it goes tomorrow night 

many thanks for your support and kind words 

ross x

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