Saturday, 13 July 2013

The hottest weekend of the year ...... please give generously to breast cancer care

So this time tomorrow morning our 10k will be long over and due to the hottest weekend in the last 4 years we shall be like shrivelled prunes gasping for more liquid that dehydrates us !!

Mrs Cutts has promised to hold my hand all the way round and anyone who dares to overtake us will get 

we are looking for a sub hour finish which would have been more than expected except that we have this blooming heatwave .....

anyhow just as long as we finish like this .......

we will be more than happy ! 

for those wonderful people who have sponsored me / us already thank you sooooo much - 2.2k in the bag already for breast cancer care - for those that haven't please dig deep 

please follow the link and donate as generously as you can :) 

much love Mr and Mrs C x

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